Waxing Studio Ohne Termin!

Nota: 5 din 5

If you ever find yourself in Munchen and need a Waxing, then waxingparadies.de is the place where you can find some of the best services of Haarentfernung Muenchen, that is hair removal.

In my trip to Germany, that lasted about a month and a half, at one point I desperately needed a place where I could get a decent Waxing and that was Waxing Paradies! I totally recommend this venue for their awesome and really friendly employees, that actually speak more foreign languages fluently – a thing that amazed me as many people there don’t understand other than the german language.


Once I got there I received a warm welcome and the employees actually taught me a few expressions in their language, such as: Waxing Studio Ohne Termin, which means salon without previous reservation. Pretty cool, right?

So, once I got there I really appreciated their kindness despite the fact that before arriving to Germany friends warned me that they’re not quite friendly… these guys proved they were wrong and that judging a nation from such a long distance has actually nothing to do with reality.

I’m glad to share this new experience with everybody and hope that this article can help someone in need, that is looking for a Waxing studio in Munchen.

Last but not least, I want to be thankful for the wonderful people that I’ve met in this amazing trip to Germany and I recommend you all visit this beautiful country when you get the opportunity!